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New Florida Seat Belt Law Goes Into Effect Today

Until now, drivers could only be cited for not wearing seat belts if they were pulled over for something else, such as speeding.

That changes today with the passage of the Dori Slosberg and Katie Marchetti Safety Belt Law. With the passage of this new law a Florida driver who is not wearing a seat belt can be pulled over and issued a traffic citation for a nonmoving violation.

The state fine for a seatbelt violation will be $35, and each county may impose additional fines and court fees as well. Drivers and passengers who are found in violation of the new law are subject to a $114 fine in Miami-Dade County and $115 fine in Broward County.

This law is named in memory of two Florida teens that were killed in separate traffic accidents and died as a result of not wearing their seatbelts.

There are some exemptions to the new law, for instance a traffic ticket cannot be issued if an occupant has a doctor’s note, drives a trash truck, deliver newspapers, or is in the back of a pick-up truck.

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One response to “New Florida Seat Belt Law Goes Into Effect Today”

  1. william flynn NYPD (retired) says:

    WARNING to ALL outer-state and retired law enforcement officers and other M.O.S. Be advised that while traveling through Charlotte County BEWARE of Charlotte County deputies. I recieved a written warning for going (Now hear this) 5 miles over the limit, yeah that’s right, These deputies give cops tickets! BOYCOTT FOP LODGE #66, pass-em by NO RESPECT! As I explained to this deputy droop-a-long that the speed zones in Charlotte County change suddenly and I didn’t see the sign because it was at night! The deputy replied. “OH but I still have to give you a written warning” and that’s after he seen my Sergeants shield. We in the NYPD wouldn’t waste the ink that it took to write the ticket. The NYPD PBA will be advised. charlotte county deputies are cop rats!

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