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Deadly Marijuana ?

According to the Miami-Dade Police department, there is no harmless marijuana.

Investigators said Thursday that Yoel Padron Garcia, a guard at a hydroponics lab in Naranja, confessed to shooting at undercover narcotics detectives, wounding one. Garcia was arrested in Dania Beach, 40 miles to the north.

Miami-Dade police announced Garcia’s arrest Thursday, hours after Miami-Dade Detective Edwin Diaz was released from Jackson Memorial Hospital. They took the opportunity to stress a rise in violence associated with grow houses.

”This is another example of the fact there is no harmless marijuana,” said Maj. Charles Nanney, of the narcotics bureau.

Garcia was charged with three counts of attempted murder of a law-enforcement officer, armed trafficking and grand theft.

Police said that Wednesday night, undercover narcotics detectives Diaz, J.P. Chatel and Julio Benavides Jr. were scoping out a house at 15200 SW 272nd St. in Naranja when they spotted Garcia.

As they approached and identified themselves in the front yard, Garcia fired a shotgun at them, police said. Birdshot peppered Diaz’s right torso, leg and face.

Hmmmm, looks like another example of “the system” at work. Sounds like yet another reason to decriminalize the drug. Thanks to the Miami Herald for this story.


  • Anonymous says:

    well lets put it this way.if we decriminalize “marijuana” then we would put all the “drug” dealing asses out of alot of money. Think about why the dea makes cannabis sound so bad…. if it does end up legal thats less work for them to do. hence less money. look out kids orange juice is on the rise, people in ghettos and slums are slingin it like candy. im not above the influence, im above the ignorance.

  • Callie LaDay says:

    I really like what you wrote here – it’s well-written. Thanks for posting this. As someone who has struggled with an addiction myself, I really appreciate what Craig Ferguson has to say about it. Visit my site if you’d like to read more. Have a great week!

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