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Broward County man gets 2 years for Rolex scam

Leslie Junior William of Hollywood had beaten charges of selling fake Rolexes before.

A Hillsborough County judge once threw out charges, and when William came to Naples to hawk his glitzy fakes, Collier County sheriff’s deputies twice warned him to leave but didn’t charge him.

It was a bait-and-switch Rolex scam that was occurring nationwide: A salesman uses boxes, receipts and certificates of authenticity as props, shows a consumer a real Rolex, then substitutes a fake after payment.
In William’s case, it took a Naples car salesman who reported the scam to Collier County sheriff’s Cpl. Brian Culnan to nab him on Oct. 27, 2006. That was the day the salesman handed over $1,000 for a “diamond”-studded watch as deputies listened to the deal.

Deputies swarmed in, arrested William and searched his car, which contained 30 watches, fake certificates of authenticity, bills showing payment for Rolexes, and buckets of brass jewelry. Two charges were dropped after two turned out to be real — a Rolex and a Cartier.

Click here for the full story in the Naples Daily News:

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