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Over the years The Garvin Law Firm has a put together a winning team of paralegals, private investigators, nurse consultants, jury consultants and a wide range of experts who provide personal attention to every detail of your case so that we can insure that you receive the best result possible.

In every personal injury case we immediately take steps to notify the appropriate agencies, preserve all necessary evidence, and gather all of your medical records so that they can be reviewed by ourselves and the appropriate experts. Depending on the type of case we will examine and photograph all things necessary to preserve your case such as the injuries, vehicles, and the scene of the accident in an automobile case.We will then retain the best possible expert or experts to testify on your behalf and, more than likely, we will use an expert who is a nationwide leader in his or her field.

We will handle all communications with the insurance companies and corporations involved and prepare a detailed demand package in an attempt to amicably resolve your case. If we are unable to resolve your case for the appropriate value we will immediately file suit in the appropriate court. Our attorneys have handled and resolved cases throughout the Southeast and successfully presented damage claims to juries in numerous counties in Florida including Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Dade, Broward, Desoto, and Palm Beach to name a few.


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